Now that we are partially into the second season, many more things have been reveled on the show, and as such now the last episode makes a whole lot more sense.  There were so many questions in that episode and it left me especially with many more questions than I had gotten answers in the first season.

But now that episode 8 was aired and it was finally revealed that Elliot was not staying with his mother the whole time trying to avoid the terminal.  He was actually in a false state of reality, not accepting the fact that he was in fact, locked up in jail.

So when did Elliot get arrested?  What was he charged with and why?  Why didn’t the others ever reference him, especially with all the paranoia and suspicion going on.  Romero ended up dead and they said there were still 16 more people under surveillance with Romero being the 17th suspect – why did the FBI not mention that they had someone in custody?  Besides Trenton, Mobley, Cisco, and Darlene, who are the other dozen suspects?  And where is Tyrell Wellick, and what happened to him during those 3 missing days?  So many questions that I can go on and on, but I won’t. I’ll try to give a few of my suspicions that have not been fully answered as of yet but I have so many that I could probably write an entire book about it.

The main thing that bothers me is, what happened with Tyrell?  It was alluded to that he was dead many times and Mr. Robot finally confessed to Elliot that he shot someone that night after he was talking about killing some woman and saying that they were gods and all that while Elliot only remembers popcorn.  Well the popcorn machine is where Darlene hid the gun that she took from that dudes safe that she banged.  And in the flashback 90’s style episode there was a cameo by ‘a very important businessman’ in the trunk of the car that turned out to be Tyrell.  Tyrell fell out the back and tried to hop away but Mr. Robot smashed his head with a tire iron.  Signifying the fact that Elliot and Mr. Robot, together as one, killed Tyrell.  I believe this is the most probable solution, but there are some small problems with this notion.  While in his ‘mother’s’ home, which was really a jail the entire time, Elliot took a call from someone who didn’t mention himself by name but said the exact same thing that Tyrell said to him the very first time they met, “Bonsoir, Elliot.”  How could Tyrell be calling him if he was dead?  Then there is the fact that his wife Joanna received a small music box that contained a hidden burner phone placed underneath that randomly receives a phone call in the middle of the night while Joanna is attending to their baby.  They showed that he often surprised her with gifts at random and this is seemingly his signature, trying to keep in touch with her while staying safe from the law.

Then there is the whole thing that Elliot was in jail the whole time.  How did this stay so hidden?  Of course it was planned this way but that just doesn’t cut it for me.  There are so many things that don’t make sense, from the small and insignificant, like who is Hot Carla, the neighborhood pyro; to the more problematic, like how did Ray meet Elliot while walking his dog and eat breakfast every morning with his dead wife while on a dialysis machine and force Elliot to fix his Silk Road ripoff site after he supposedly killed Rat Tail for showing Elliot what was really for sale on it.  And how did he and his wife really not know what was on the site?  She was the one who was ‘good with computers’ as Ray put it, so she probably developed the website.  And as a web admin you have to create the sites hierarchy and structure as well as constantly check every aspect of it and test it in many conditions on many systems in order to make sure you have a top notch e-commerce empire.  That means that she would have to have had to make the categories and check the pages to make sure they loaded properly on all different types of computers and devices under different browser versions.  I don’t believe she didn’t know when she created the ‘Thai girls for sale’ section what it was really for.  Also how did Elliot get so much adderall that he stayed up for days in order to stop seeing Mr. Robot. while on the inside?

Personally I think that Elliot got arrested at the very end of the last episode of season 1, when there is a knocking at the door and it ends with him opening the door but we don’t see who it is.  In my opinion I think it is the cops coming to get Elliot to arrest him.  What I think happened is this: When Elliot found the hidden USB drive in the sunglasses in the SUV there was just a link to a video of him falling off the pier.  It is only him, and he just falls over for no reason.  That is because that is his alter ego, Mr. Robot wanted to tell him that he is Elliot and Elliot is him – that they are the same person.  He wanted Elliot to come to terms with the fact so he could possibly remember what he did as Mr. Robot.  Elliot tries to get rid of him so he borrows the phone to call 911 but Mr. Robot hangs up the phone after Elliot tells the 911 operator that he wants to make a confessions.  This caused the cops to go to the cyber cafe where they were and eventually to Elliot’s apartment to lock him up.  I’m not sure what he got charged with exactly but the cops were possibly onto him for any number of things that he was involved in.  Maybe it was opening all the cell doors at an entire prison and letting out all the inmates  where two people were dead right outside of the gate where they all escaped.  Or maybe it was because the guy who cheated on his therapist’s s ex-lover went to the cops already about his getting hacked and dog being stolen.  Or possibly it was Giddeon who went to the cops since he was onto Elliot earlier in the season and sets up a honey-pot on the E-Corp server.  Or maybe they found him with the stolen gun.  Who knows?  It could have even been a simple unrellated drug charge or something like that for all we know.


All these thoughts just create more questions for me, and as I watch each episode over and over again looking for those subtle clues I really want to catch every aspect of the character development that the show’s creators put into it.  Same Esmail and team are top notch and have created a masterpiece that have marked a new high in hacker culture media that shatters and shits on the likes of movies like Hackers which Romero and Mobley mock while Elliot sweats out the withdrawals of the morphine… Speaking of which, how did Elliot ever get shot in that episode, was that real?  Did they take him to a flop house and get him some smack?  And when the dude ad the door said only Elliot goes in and Mr. Robot can’t if he isn’t partaking, who was he talking to if supposedly there is only one person there as Elliot and Mr.Robot are the same person?  – See just more questions.  But that is why I love this show so much.  Even after you watch the show you still think about it  I just can’t stop speculating and theorizing about the characters and the rules of the Mr. Robot universe.



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