About ‘Mr. Robot Theories’ Site

As a person who shares many of the same traits and feelings as the main protaganist of the hit TV sensation Mr. Robot, I have had so many thoughts and theories floating around inside my head that I wanted to create a place where I could share my ideas with everybody.  I wish everybody were as big a fan as I, but nobody in my personal sphere share the same affinity for Elliot that I do.  So I couldn’t keep talking to people who haven’t seen every episode multiple times like I have in the real world, and because of this I crreated this site.  Just like we as viewers are Elliot’s internal monologue and we are his ‘creation’, you as the reader of this site are my own creation.  The show just creates so many questions in the viewers head that are sometimes left gone unawnswered.  It may just be for a short time, being revealed in a future episode, but some questions may never be answered fully.  And that is why I created this site, in order to ask the questions and come up with some theories that may be right but also may be wrong.  I want to make an open forum where people can give me their opinions as well.  If you agree, disagree, think I’m crazy, or just have something else to say please let me know in the comments.  I read them all and look forward to your interactions.

So here it is, in an ongoing form.  For now at least – the show will have to end at some time but hopefully not for a few more years.  Sam Esmail has said that he envisioned that the show will ultimately run for 4 or 5 seasons – hopefully we get at least that many so I can continue to talk to you, my ‘friend’ that I have created in order to work out the inner workings of my mind.