One question that often comes up in my head as I watch the show, is ‘Are the other people hearing Elliot talking to Mr. Robot’?  Some scenes in the show have depicted Elliot acting pretty crazy and talking to himself as Mr. Robot but does this always happen?  Does it sometimes happen?  Or does it virtually never happen, only when they explicitly show it to us?  Perhaps it is rare so they mention or show it every time that it happens.  Or maybe it is so common that they don’t even bother to mention nearly all of the occurrences.

Personally I think that it does happen from time to time, but most of the interactions between Elliot and Mr. Robot happen in his head and the other people don’t hear it.  Sometimes it gets so heated that he can’t keep it all in and of course the people around him see and hear it, such as when he finally finds out that Mr. Robot isn’t real and is all in his head, the camera shows him strangling himself in a coffee shop yelling to himself.  But I think that Elliot usually contains it, especially since he is now becoming aware of what is happening.  Maybe before he couldn’t help it, but now I think he is becoming better and better at managing it so that others don’t hear him talking back and forth to himself.  Just like we all talk to ourselves in our head, I believe that Elliot does this with his alter ego Mr. Robot so that other people usually have no idea what is really going on in there.

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