One of the most mysterious characters on Mr Robot is Tyrell Wellick’s wife, Joanna.  Joanna appears on the outside to be just a normal housewife in New York’s elite.  But when her husband goes missing and is in trouble, she seems to act coy like she knows nothing about what is going on with him.  She acts lkdshe doesn’t know what is going on and that her husband just went missing after being implicated in the death of Sharon Knowles and the 5/9 hack.  But is Joanna innocent?  Or does she know exactly what is going on, where Tyrell is, and what happened to him?  Or did she have something to do with Tyrell’s disappearance?

At first glance, Joanna might seem like she is just an innocent housewife who just wants her husband to get ahead.  Does she really know how far Tyrell is taking things?  They don’t exactly talk about the exact details so maybe she just thinks he is only doing his best to get ahead so he can provide for his growing family.  However I don’t think this is the case.  I believe that Joanna knows a little more than she leads on.  I think she might even know where Tyrell is and what happened to him.  I wouldn’t even put it past her to have a hand in what is going on herself.  When Elliot first comes to Tyrell’s house after the hack, Joanna comes up and starts talking to him, acting very strange.  Is this because she has met him before, when Mr. Robot was in control?  Because she asks him his name, almost like she was asking, ‘Who are you RIGHT NOW?’ not what is your actual name.  Meaning ‘Are you Elliot or Mr. Robot?’  And when he answers Oli she probably realized he was not acting as Mr. Robot so she shouldn’t let him know what is going on.  I think that maybe Mr. Robot and Joanna have met before and have talked about what is going on.  That is why she first said Tyrell was coming home but then changed her story to say she hasn’t talked to him.


Joanna acts very strange throughout the show and I believe she knows a lot more than she leads on.  She seems to be pretty sneaky, she even induced her pregnancy in order to get the police investigators out of her house.  This proves that she is willing to do pretty much everything and I think we will be seeing much more of her in the coming seasons.  I believe that we will definitely learn a few of Joanna’s secrets sooner or later.

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