For a while now, one common theme in many episodes has been time travel, and many people on the internet have wondered if this was allusion on the part of the writers and producers.  Many episodes have references to back to the future, one episode even has Elliot taking Trenton’s little brother to see the one of the classic time travel films on ‘Back to the Future Day’, the day that Marty traveled to in the future in the movie.  One episode even showed a large machine that resembles the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland – a machine used to smash atoms together at super high speeds that many conspiracy theorists believe could have been used to alter our timeline which has resulted in many memories being different than the actual recorded history which many people refer to as the Mandela Effect.  And now Angela thinks that she can bring people back to life by rewinding her DVR so that it looks like the E-Corp buildings that were blow up magically rise from the rubble and become whole again.  She even told Elliot that his dad and her mom are going to come back and be fine.

So is there going to some elements of time travel or multiple universes in the coming seasons of Mr. Robot?  Will these theories come to fruition, or is Sam Esmail reading these wild theories and just trolling us all?  Personally I don’t think it is a logical turn of events for the show as it is so rooted in reality, and I don’t think I would like it if the show takes a strange turn into the paranormal like that.  But then again I really like the show and have enjoyed all the plot twists and shocking reveals so far, so whatever Sam writes I will probably enjoy.  One thing is for sure though, White Rose really has an interest in whatever E-Corp has been hiding all these years that she wants to move to the Congo so badly, and we have yet to know what the big deal with it is.  Hopefully in season 4 we will learn more about this and get some more awesome Back to the Future references.

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