Throughout the second season of Mr. Robot, the whereabouts of Tyrell Wellick are a complete mystery.  Right before the hack, Elliot brings Tyrell to the F Society arcade and shows him what he has been working on and lets him in on the plan.  But after the hack goes down, Elliot wakes up in Tyrell’s SUV not remembering anything and trying to figure out what happened.  This continues throughout the second season as well, and things only get more confusing.

Mr. Robot finally tells Elliot that he killed Tyrell but then at then end of season 2 Tyrell comes back out of nowhere and then he shoots Elliot when Elliot tries to stop the plan that Tyrell has been working on.

But what is the truth?  Did Elliot as Mr. Robot actually kill Tyrell?  Or did Mr. Robot just make that up to try and get Elliot’s mind off of the matter?  When Elliot was in jail (or at his mom’s house as he was imagining it) Tyrell actually called him.  And we know it was Tyrell because he said the same thing he always says to Elliot, which is “Bonsoir Elliot.”  Or is the scene where Tyrell shoots Elliot not real?


We know plenty of things only occur in Elliot’s head, so was that the case this time?  Because if this really did happen, then Elliot actually got shot, and Tyrell called Angela for help.  Of course he couldn’t call 911 because he is a wanted fugitive but how and when did he meet Angela and why is she the first person he calls?  Is Angela in on the plan too?  And what is going to happen to Elliot, are they going to take him to the hospital or what?  These reasons make me think that it was all a dream or something and that Elliot didn’t really get shot.  Because I don’t think that Elliot would want Angela involved with this stuff.  But perhaps Mr. Robot doesn’t care and he got Angela involved anyways.

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